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Digital signage - Channeling the new medium!​

At present, the human eye is capable of simultaneously processing different images. So while a car driver listens to his audio message on a cell phone, he keeps an eye on the next signal, watches multiple images of the digital signage across the street, and also has time to take a quick look at his watch! Oh, Phew! Just about a decade ago, this could be too much. But today the gurus of the latest digital signage industry are flocking to the introduction of gaming consoles, cell phones with one-touch technology and Xbox 360 upgrades. These are just a few of the newest areas where digital signage can be effectively sued. Across techno-savvy Europe and North America, people are visually challenged to the growing features available on home and public monitors.

Digital signage has come of age in some countries and has been successfully introduced in some countries. Companies selling screens have everything to do with models for use on super highways, kiosks, airports, railroads, soccer stadiums, Super Bowls and shopping malls. Not only advertising companies, but also small stores have found multiple applications to target consumers. The latest is touchscreens, where consumers can also make visual shopping. It won't come as a surprise to have a girl try out her outfit digitally, compare notes with her best friend, and also record the information online for the next visit to the store! The future of this industry is predicted to be interactive digital signage. Meanwhile, consumers are being informed on big screens of anything they need to know—from blue chips to NASDAQ, who scored a winning soccer goal, a rock concert at the Super Bowl, or a simple screening of the latest fashions.

The use of digital signage is quite useful.

  • It's convenient

  • Saves Space

  • Content can be easily exchanged

  • It generates more profit than conventional sign boards

  • It's a complete package with eye catching features and real-time information

Narrowcasting, Screen Media, Digital Media Networks, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) are some of the terms for this. Content plays back, and the management of the content plays an enormous role in the success of this idea. Digital signage also interacts with cell phones. It can be updated via SMS or Bluetooth. Today, one can simply buy one that is suitable for business improvement. So, who needs a publicity agency?

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