Acrylic Signage & Signboards

- Indoor or Outdoor Signage Maker

Over here at Advert & Signs, we don't just dive into producing a signage. First and foremost, we seek to learn, listen and understand your needs, followed by finding a best fit advertising solution for your business. Hence, we begin first by inquiring your desired outcome and how you envision your signage to be. Whether it’s an requirement to make an acrylic signage, or a indoor/outdoor signboard, we are able to take up the job and complete them perfectly. We then work out a plan based on your given budget and suggest a proposal that compliments your concept idea.


At Advert & Signs, no jobs is too small or big for us. We handle acrylic signage and sign board installation for both indoor and outdoor situations.


With us signage makers guiding the process from start to end of the project, we take into consideration a number of technicalities.


For example:


  • Under what conditions and environment will your information carrier be visible?

    • Corrosive environments / Presence of direct sunlight / Moisture / Indoors / Outdoor. 


  • On what type of surface will the advertisement medium be mounted on?

    • Metal / Glass / Wood / Plastic / Concrete.


  • What kind of printed material?

    • Glossy finish / Matte Finish?


  • Do you have a specific color requirements in mind?

    • Color schemes / Color codes.


  • What type of base materials suit your needs?

    • Acrylic / PVC / Wood / Aluminium / Stainless Steel.



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