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Don't wish to have something mass-made? Or do you need to have your branding collateral done up exactly the way you want? That's where we come in - Customization, taken to a whole new level. Get in touch with us via phone, email, or in person even, and let us bring your idea to life! From a sketch to the soft warm glow that lights up any space - our handcrafted neon lights might be tedious to make, but the rewards far outweighs the effort. Our team of designers and craftsmen will not rest until we present you with the perfect sign.


What would you like your neon to say Type Here

Choose your favourite font! What you see here are only some examples to inspire you, but as long as we can bend it, we can make it! If you have a particular style or design in mind, get in touch via our Special Request section below. 

Select File

This part of our website is used to quote or purchase simple text-based LED signs on a SINGLE (all on the same) line. If you want a quote on anything more complex, such as a second line, a logo or images, your best bet is to upload your file or get in touch via our Special Request section below.

It’s impossible to predict the exact width of your sign at this stage, but it will be emailed to you before fabrications.  If you require your sign to be within a certain size, drop a message in the Special Requests section below and we’ll be sure to stay within this restriction.


Clear acrylic backing is the most popular option; it places the main focus onto the neon and blends into the background while letting the neon cast a soft silhouette glow.

If you like, we also can apply vinyl printing onto the acrylic to add a more colorful touch.

Just let us know under the Special Request section below =)


The options above will let us know if you require pre-drilled holes on the acrylic backing for your preferred mounting method. Installation fees are priced separately.

Are you done personalizing your neon sign, click the submit button and we will get back to you shortly

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