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Strategic planning, even for the creation of your marketing medium, does wonders for your business. A beautifully designed and well executed custom signages really becomes your calling card to the world. It propels your identity to all and shines a cost-effective spotlight on your business. All that is needed is a seed - an idea - and we will proceed from there on. We take that spark of an idea and transpire it into a wonderful reality.


Everything from material preferences, budget options, color scheme recommendations to signage signs installation decisions, Advert & Signs will ensure that the marketing and advertorial aspect to your business will be the least of your worries.

Whatever your aim may be , our signs specialists at Advert & Signs can create the custom sign you need. Contact one of our friendly staff today and get ready to commence your next signage project.


We are experienced in advising you a signage strategy that conveys a variety of reactions, depending on the outcome you envision. There is a myriad of reasons for the need of a signage; it can range from promoting a product or service, maintaining brand awareness, persuasion to action, displaying of information and rules, and as a form of directory. Firstly, we find out from you what exactly your needs are and and the purpose of starting a signage project.


Our advertising signs are created from nothing but the best from start to finish. From idea to a visual setup, you want the best solution that fit into your long term goals. Every phase of your signage or visual graphic project willl be well-supported by our team of specialists.


Branding Awareness

Remember that your business has to be memorable, otherwise that opportunity will fade when the customers needs your product or service but does not remember you. Your signage has to be an extension of you. From your logo, to its placement and to the colors used, everything has to bring about a positive vibe to your brand.


Promotion and Persuasion

A business sells something with a demand - be it a product or a service. If you want to let others know about it, a powerful custom sign can make that impression on people's minds. Good visuals and good messages go hand in hand with making the difference between adding to your customer base or alienating them.


Informative and Directive

A badly done-up signage confuses and disorientates. Whereas if properly presented and positioned, a good sign serves its purpose to facilitate and assist. It does not have to be dull and lifeless - these type of signs can be used as an extension to your brand image. Such attention to details will go a long way in what others think of your business.

Important Questions Every Client Should Answer 

Once the purpose of the signage is settled, we go into details and bottom line of the project. To get to your ideal goals, each project has to answer 3 core questions. The essence of our work will be determined by whatever your responses are. At Advert & Signs, we understand the importance of how branding and signage designs affects businesses. With this much responsibility at stake, we set out to have a perfect harmony of design, advertising delivery and affordability.


The 3 influential questions:


What are you trying to achieve?


Who are your target audience?


What are the sign's objectives?


Purpose of Signages

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