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The Advantages of Lightboxes for Advertising in Singapore

Used to present brand identity and convey messages, lightboxes have been recognised as one of the most effective advertising and marketing media as market research has shown that illuminated advertising attracts more attention than non-illuminated advertising materials.

Types of lightbox signage

LED lightbox Singapore is used in different types of signage – information, directive, identification and safety and regulatory signage. Information signage provides information about services and facilities and is commonly used in directories, maps, and user instructions. Directive signage acts as indicators for direction to facilities and public spaces such as toilet signs. While safety and regulatory signage is commonly used in public sector for conveying messages.

The benefits of using lightbox

Specific designs for different marketing purpose and functions

Lightboxes come in a variety of designs for marketing purpose. A well-designed lightbox can be very effective in showcasing the new launched product in a visual mode. You can even ask the lightbox maker to design a lightbox to handle backlit graphics encased in a special unit. This design helps your marketing message to stand out even in low ambient lighting, capturing more attention from the public.

Lightboxes save greater power

As lightboxes use LED lighting that has a higher energy-efficient feature than fluorescent lighting, they are able to save greater power. This, lightboxes could be switched on over a long time even 24/7. This is cost effective as marketers are able to display their message through lightboxes without needing to worry about the advertising cost.

Lightboxes are more durable

An LED lightbox lighting has a longer life span (35,000 to 50,000 hours) than fluorescent lighting (10,000 to 15,000 hour). This enables an LED lightbox to function smoothly without much maintenance such as replacing the bulbs consistently.

Lightboxes emits lower carbon footprint

Lower emission of carbon footprint offered by lightboxes encourage more companies and marketing agencies to embrace this technology which is environmentally friendly. This allows responsible and conscious companies to reduce unnecessary energy wastage and lower carbon footprint are good to the mother earth.

Slim line lightboxes save space

The lightweight slim lightbox is gaining popularity as it does not occupy much space. In addition, the slim lightboxes look elegant and stylish on any space installed. They act as decorative art displays with marketing messages that do not look too pushy for the public.

In conclusion, lightboxes are a great marketing way to attract attention and increase the chance of gaining higher brand awareness and sales revenue. If you are looking for a professional lightbox maker in Singapore, contact us today!

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