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Services - Repair & maintenace

Signs are everywhere.


They play an important role in our daily lives. They identify, direct, promote, beautify advertise and inform. Signs are an essential tools for communication. They are a reflection of their owner's identity and personality.


Having such an importance means the upkeep of your sign is vital too -and maintenance of your signage is essential for its long term preservation and use.


Sign maintenance means inspecting for any weak points, for any signs of damage and deterioration. Lights may need replacement or screws may be too weak after prolong usage. Electrical connections may be faulty and may be a potential fire harzard. Dirt and debris that have accumulated over the years have to be cleaned out. Minor repairs such as these still require caution - such as switching off the power point before commence of work.


More intensive repair works however, is advised to be undertaken by professionals. These may include entire removal of the sign back to the workshop to have parts replaced or repainted.


At Advert & Signs, we provide expert repair work and servicing work on various types of signs.

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