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What To Consider When Getting A Signage

LED Lightbox Signage

You will not be finding any shortage of signages that are posted in different establishments on a regular basis. Indeed, our streets are filled to the brim with signboards from every corner making them quite a common sight to see. As such, more and more individuals are leaning towards the use of signboards as a means to promote and advertise their product or service. Here is what you need to with your signage.

Signages benefit greatly from the size of the advert. Signage in Singapore produces these adverts often and that are relatively large sized in nature. It should be noted that different ad objectives may recommend different sizes as well. If one wishes to have their ad eligible and easy to read for their target audience, then they may want to invest into a much bigger signboard Singapore and use them towards their next advert. Making sure that potential customers are able to view as well as understand your message is necessary to the overall success of your business.

First off, you may want to consider looking at the letter height of your advert, Signage maker in Singapore is able to help give their clients a clear overview on what to expect with the sizes that they intend on using and often, this is usually measured by inches. For instance, a letter height of 3” allows for the distance of 30’ (feet) to achieve the best impact with a maximum readable distance of up to 100’. The options go a very long way and companies are given a wide variety of options with signboard maker in Singapore depending on their budget allocation. If you feel like you want to attract more attention and you have extra budget to spare with your ads, you can try letter height of 60” which allows for the distance of 600’ (feet) to achieve the best impact and a maximum readable distance of up to 2500’

Aside from the proper sign distance with your adverts, you may also want to consider the proper sign color as well as their contrast which plays a vital role in sign legibility. The best color combinations include black on yellow, white on black, yellow on black, blue on white, white on blue, green on white, blue on yellow, red on white etc. Acrylic signage is able to provide these color combinations to their clients as they work hand in hand with them in the creation of that timely and effective advert.

Lightbox, a popular demand in Singapore has also been growing in popularity providing an innovative method of advertising products or services to a huge number of individuals. Since it is relatively new and fresh, companies who make use of this feature become more relevant to their target audience. Regardless of what type of signboard you wish to use for your ads, make sure to consider the height, distance as well as color and contrast to achieve the maximum results.

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