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How to Find a Sign Company that Best Serves You

The value of a good signage is often underestimated.

Signs promotes sales, drives traffic and brands your business and having a winning sign that features eye-catching illustrations, photos and design is important to help acheive that.

You will soon realise there is dozens of companies out there that provide such services and it is important to get a suitable sign company that will best fit your needs.

Go through a number of companies - tell them what you are looking for and ask for ideas and suggestions on everything from design to material to production processes. Let them know your budget you have to work with and let them guide you towards a project that is suitable.

Some companies specialises in a certain type of material or in certain types of projects. Although most companies do not claim to be any particular specialist in their advertorials, some are in fact more proficient in certain types of signage and designs. These will contribute to how fast your sign can be made, better competitive pricing and better finishes.

Some signage companies have more experience in certain areas. For example, some may special in way-finding and directional signs within buildings whereas some specialises will building facade signages.

  1. At the end of the day, did you feel at ease talking to their representatives?

  2. Were your questions answered for and did they give you sound advice?

  3. Will you feel comfortable working with them?

  4. Look at their archived projects, what are the overall quality of their projects?

  5. Lastly, if possible, talk to their past clients - Did they value their services?

  6. Were there delays in installations?

  7. Was the project manager customer-oriented and did he pay good attention to details?

  8. Would you recommend this company again?

  9. If so, why? and if not, who would you recommend instead?

We hope these information will aid you and we wish you success in your next signage and advertorial campaign!

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