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Why Signage is Beneficial for your Business - and some statistics to go along with it

Signages are not just a simple representation of your business. In its entirety, it conveys your branding and business style to your audiences. It affects the outsome of whether people remember you and decide to do business with you. With this in mind, your direction towards marketing your brand has to trickle down everything from your signages, posters and websites.

Studies by surveys:

- Close to 35% of customers entered a store of business the first time due to its on-premise sign they saw while going by.

- 69% of consumers believes a company's signage relects the business' quality.

- More than 50% of those surveyed said a poor quality signage deterred them from entering a business store.

- About 68% of customers surveyed said they had bought a product or service because a sign caught their attention.

- About 61% of businesses sited an improvement in sales and transactions after changing a design or visibility of the signage, roughly around 10%.

- The value of an on-site signage is equal to 24 full page newpaper ads every year in terms of value per view.

Signs draw the attention of new customers - it directs and remind us, without us even knowing its there. A good sign encourages people to drop by to take a look at what you have to offer, and that is half the battle won.

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