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Guide To Buying a Signage


So you have decided to get a sign installed, now what? We know time is of essense, and you have loads on your plate as it is. Advert & Signs makes the whole process as seamless and quick as possible. First, one of our friendly staff will get to know you and your needs better, following which a plan will be drafted out accordingly to suit your application as well as budget..



  • An estimated quotation will be given to you based on your specfics and requirements.



  • If you do not already have a design in hand,our graphic designers will design the sign that best reflects your brand, culture and history. Importantly, it will deliver your marketing message in a creative, captivating manner.



  • Once the designs are finalized and quotations have reached mutual agreement, production commences. In most cases, material and cost options will be given to you and 2 or 3 quotations will be drafted out. Further revisions to your drafts may result in additional design charges. Once design and quotations have been signed, we will then proceed to go send the orders to our production team.



  • Production usually take 7 working days till installation. Larger orders or special orders may require a longer period of time. No matter what the case may be, we work closely with our clients to ensure our promises are kept and products are delivered on time.



  • Once production is completed, our staff will perform a mandatory quality assurance check on the products. This checklist ensures all dimensions and specific of your order is as promised. You have our assurance that we maintain a strong and professional craftmanship quality here at our firm.



  • Next, we will either drop you a call to let you know that your product is ready for pick up, or to make sure the scheduled installation date is still applicable. Unless you have a credit term established with us, the remainder balance due will be settled upon installation or self-collection.

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