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About Us


Advert & Signs is a custom sign making company based in Singapore that emphasises on quality signage and service excellence.


Our goal is to design the signage to be proud of, based on ideas that we put together with you.  We build from the ground up. Listening first to your needs and have an in-depth understanding of your brand. This allows us to create an advertising message that will reach your target audience effectively and in the quickest time possible.


From the beginning to end, we promise excellence at every stage of the project. There is transparency in our dealings and openness in our communications. Ultimately, we want you to enjoy a pleasant and professional experience when you choose us.


Working in close collaboration with our clients is our formula to success.


From the most basic of artwork to the most compelling of installations – Our ability to deliver a fully integrated service speaks for itself. We aim to grow your brand as much as ours.


What We Stand For

The quickest way to get word out about your business is all about is through good clever marketing.

You want ad spaces to create a visual that best represents your company; You want to capture your audiences’ attention, get noticed and be remembered.

What better way than to let our team here at Advert & Signs do all of these for you.





Quality is paramount in all our designs and in all our services. We offer top notch services to all your signage and advertising needs.

Our years of expertise in this fields allows us give you quality advice on helping you decide what are the best fonts, best colour schemes, best materials for the environment at hand etc..

We design the sign that best suits your needs and the whole experience from start to finish will be nothing short of professionalism and awesomeness. 




We understand everyone has their own budget to work with. Here at Advert & Signs, we strive to offer you the best at all level of possible rates. At the end of the day, we want you to get your money’s worth and be part of a project that will be outstanding and memorable. To achieve that, please choose any of our fantastic and varied range of products that are customisable to your needs.




We believe in providing a level of service that is personal. A reliable, long term partnership that works means a win-win strategy  for both parties. A sincere smile and a warm handshake, these are the finer things in life that makes a difference to people. We invite you to contact us, and we'll show you how Advert & Signs can be beneficial to your business.


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